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Gift box "Tonic Barbagia + Soap"

Gift box "Tonic Barbagia + Soap"

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Tonic BarbagiaThe tonic Barbagia (which is the most archaic and isolated Sardinian area, crossed by a subterranean energy, mysterious and still unknown to this day), is indicated for opaque and weakened beards. We have blended together vegetable oils known for body and dermal care as Linseed oil, Castor oil and Hempseed oil with their essential fats, tocopherols and vitamins, with Laurel oils and Italian Olive oil both cold-pressed. The organic properties of the last two oils, combined with the other elements guarantee sheen and nourishment to the beard hair giving it a stronger and healthier look. 

WEIGHT: 30 ml


Organic Soap Helychrisum
The flavonoids extracted from the flowering tops of the helichrysum italicum have important antioxidant and antiainflammatory properties; the quercetin contrasts allergic reactions and skin conditions such as psoriasis. In fact this flower has an effect similar to cortisone and for this reason is capable of reducing inflammation and modifying immune responses. From the helichrysum of Sardinia we extract the entire phyto complex composed of active ingredients, which with their synergic action impart the properties of the small yellow flower. 

WEIGHT: 100 g