Body & Hand

The range of Apotechary products for Body and Hand Care, for Woman and Man, is mainly composed of Soaps but also Oils, naturally produced with 100% Organic ingredients. These products are sold both individually and in multi-product gift boxes. You will find Unisex Natural Soaps with 100% natural ingredients such as Donkey Milk, Helichrysum, Lentisk, Sea Salt and Red Vine but also Body Oil with Helichrysum extract.
Don’t forget also the Gym Soap after physical activity or specific Body Soaps such as Donkey Milk and Bergamot Oil Soap or the Soap made with Lentisk and Eucalyptus Oil. Last but not least, we also find specific Soaps for Hands such as the Basil and Lemon-based Soap and the "Black" Bio Degreasing Soap with Juniper.